Several Species


Small Furry Animals

Gathered Together On A Field


Grooving With A Disc

Fools Bid

We are really the famous rock band "Pink Fred", but in order to keep from drawing thousands of our screaming fans and groupies to the fields and disrupting the 20th Annual April Fools Fest, we are going by the name of one of our hit songs "Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together on a Field and Grooving With a Disc"

Umma Gumma 3

Umma Gumma 2

Umma Gumma 1

Here is a song we've written for the event
(It's sure to be a hit!)

What Fools Fest 97 Means to Us

By Christian Schwoerke

About the travails of the band Pink Fred
You've more than once probably read,
How our fame has denied us the simple fun
Of going out in the light of the midday sun.
What now the April Fools Fest gives us,
Is the chance to hide behind an alias,
To enter as a team in the ultimate game
With our quaintly polynominal name.
Now's the chance this multi-specied bunch
Can mingle without fans' mangling crunch,
Enjoy the light, the sun, the dazzling day,
All in the compass of wild giddy play.
It's like removing a brick from the wall,
Like coming from the dark side of the moon,
Like, instead, wishing we were there...
It's a goal about which we strongly care.
And thus we ask: "whom does it most behoove
When you invite us to gather to groove?
Sure, we'd partake with pleasure at your behest,
But wouldn't you enjoy us too at your foolish fest?"

Pink Fred is:
Joe "Papa Frisbee" Slater
Mark "Lava" Britt
Freddy Wayne Hester
Christian Schwoerke
Our Backup Musicians and Roadies are:

Anthony Burgess
Dave Harrison
Bill Kiether
Dave Knecht
Sherry Knecht
Kate O'Brien
Wendy Richardson
Lani Rogers
Eileen Shea
Eric Trunnel
BJ Witkin