Trivia Contest Winners

April 1997 - The winner is John Sessoms

  1. One Tin Soldier - Silly theme song from the silly move "Billy Jack"
  2. Fort Stinkin' Desert - Firesign Theater - Temporarily Humbolt County
  3. Fat Freddy's Cat - Gilbert Shelton underground cartoon - Part of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comix.
  4. Chocolate Covered Cotton - From Catch-22. Milo Minderbinder purchased the entire crop of Egyptian cotton and couldn't get rid of it. He tried covering it with chocolate and serving it in the mess halls.
  5. Braunstein Freres is still unguessed and will carry over to the next quiz.
  6. "Don't follow the balls when they make the street" - Also Firesign Theater Part of a Deputy Dan skit.
  7. Fire in the Lake - A saying from the ancient Chinese text "I Ching" Also a book about the thousand year conflict in Vietnam.
  8. Charles Harrelson - Woody's father. Dixie Mafia hitman. Convicted of killing a federal judge in 1979 in Texas. Also, I'm told, suspected of possibly being on a certain grassy knoll...
  9. Charles Whitman - Kooky college kid who's idea of a prank was to climb a tower and at the University of Texas and shoot people. Turns out he had been eating what passes for BBQ in Texas.
  10. "The comic that PLUGS YOU IN" - Zap comix. One of the more famous by R. Crumb.

Q: (May 1996) What is the significance of the word "Faversham" on my home page?

A: from (didymos)
>"Faversham" was the name of a servant at the castle that Jed Clampett
>came into ownership of. However, when he announced his name, the
>Clampetts took it to be an English salutation.

And the conversation went something like this:
Jed Clampett: Howdy, Mr. Butler
Mr. Faversham: Faversham, Sir.
Jed Clampett: Faversham to you too!